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hello. This my first post about my lanun, he actually my crush since i was form 3. (( since i feel it doesn't right to have a boyfriend during schools time. And i hate breaking my own heart and fakes hope )) and I remain his tittle as my crush, this might be sound a little bit crazy but act i having crush on him because his smile. He have nice teeth weh, ahhahahahah why I sound like a creepy. At first i ddint even notice him. Cause u dont even bother about boys (( since i went to girls school)). How I noticed him? During Pythagorus theorem days. Sir act asked us to remember Pythagorus thing, (3,4,5) zzzzz. And act it's worth to remember that thing ( thank you sir). Okay back the topic, sir set masa and if gagal hafal dalam masa tetap kan kene tulis beratus kali atas test pad. And here we go, tempat pertama and kedua dah di ada yang punya, tempat ketiga between me and my lanun. We act fight for third place, and I actually losing to lanun. Sebab kalut. Aku baca bende tu smpai terduduk urgh. But since i put my efforts to hafal sir doesn't punish us muehehehehehe. And since that day I noticed him, day by day I'm looking forward to seeing his smile! Hahahahaha gatal gila. But yeah he never noticed me pon. He's sportsman and act quite famous in my tuition class. Before i end my story, act everytime dia masuk kelas mesti aku tengok dia sebab nak tengok dia senyum ja. And act there's many time aku nak move on dari crush on him. Sebab rasa tak worth. And this is my first time buat kerja gila mcm ni. There's a day, he doesn't went to tuition quite long time. And i decided aku cakap dekat ainin" aku nekad move on hari ni" and suddenly pap he coming that day. I feel so bad cause i cant move on! Gosh. Aku macam dia ni mcm tahu tahu aku nak move on urghhhhhhhh. And act like him for fun since i never like someone for a long time and doesn't even looking for bf that time, form 3 is too young for me to have a boyfriend. Education is priority. My mum told me okay. There's a day, he act naik kereta kawan dia, and I'm standing in front of the car, and act looking at him straight to him, i'm not sure he knows or not. Hahahahha but i like doing that because he doesn't know i actually exist 😂. Later i will continue byep!

Idk if my feeling towards u are right. Either i'm going to break my own heart. Either I'm having a fake hope or a real hope. Whatever it is, i have prepared mentally and physically for being sad. Because i should prepare for that. Expect the unexpected. And people wont forever stay with you, setiap pertemuan ada perpisahan kerana pertemuan itu suratan dan perpisahan itu kepastian. Just if you wanna leave tell me, don't leave me hanging. Even,, i just hope we can be friends even both of us found someone in our life. To be continued