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Wish list?

wish list? After 4 months being form 5, i wanted to have somes wish this year, ya la. Senioar year kot. And i wont have anytimes like this and i cant repeat it. So i decided to list some of my wish. Benda yang aku nak buat before 2016 end.

So here wego, WISH-LIST-2016.
  1. Straight A's in SPM ( this want is not just a wish this is a must ) 
  2. Making a lot of memories with my friends.
  3. Taking pic with my fav teacher before i leave the schools.
  4. Speak in english bravely.
  5. Taking pic with my crush ( not-really-crush-but-i-adore-him-okay)
  6. Will get iphone if i gets straight A's or else i will work to have it. ( why i feel like i sounds materiallissssticc guysss) Going for shortvacation with ma girls (tambun je pon)
  7. I can talk in front of people/stranger bravely. ( i still have probs with this even now 17 already)
  8. Oh wait this one should be the first wish. My parents will proud of me even if my results is not like their expectation. ( but i will work really hard to make it real even its sounds hard but not imposssible)
  9. I just hope i will be more rajin-ness

P/s : i will be update it as soon as i have new wish! Hahahahah and i know no ones read my blog so i update here so everytime i feel like down amd wanna give up, reading this things will make me become "up" and bersemangat kembali. Gosh, bye o still have tons of homework need to be done!